Jason TownleyUndertaper Productions is a one man show set out to amplify and beautify the musical colors of a tight musical family that plays together from time to time. gr8mix.com is a fun side project that can hopefully be enjoyed by all.  I love open source programs and use them for web design. I do most of the websites for the band's I work with and sometimes design a flyer or two.  I work a lot with local bands in the Albany-Saratoga area and love the fact that I can stay local, for the most part. I am hoping that gr8mix.com will be able to offer all of the live recordings that are done and much more with strictly the audio side of what goes on. Some of the bands I work with include The Stone Revival Band, Raisinhead, Council Fire and Headband Jack who just came out with their new album Big Dipper. Headband Jack has recently changed gears and are now known ad The North & South Dakotas. I am married to Lauren Townley and when we are not at a show or working a show, we love to spend time outdoors as often as we can. I currently work during the week  for Internet Marketing Ninjas which is quickly becoming the go to source for internet marketing and SEO needs.