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For many years now I have been running sound for various bands throughout the local 518 area. I love the fact I have been able to capture the audio from the shows that I have done and share them. It started out as a simple hobby but has become a true passion that hopefully comes across in the mix. As a joke one day I had said that I was going to make a site that was geared around the music that I had been recording. 15 years later, was born.

The North & South Dakotas

The North & South DakotasThere is no surprise here, local musicians The North & South Dakotas are at it again with yet another new song and soon to be released, new album. Shown above, The North & South Dakotas play "Long Time Coming", the title track to their new album due this early this November 2013. The album was recorded at the same studio, Edie Rd by Marc Fuller. The distinct difference between the last album "Big Dipper" and this album is the less is more and live studio approach. There isn't much over dubbing and the over all feeling is more raw, the kind of feeling  you get when it's live and on stage. The live feel hopefully pours out this time and you should be able to hear the difference. The rough out takes are on the way to me hopefully early October and I will be trying get them ready and mixed in time for the November due date.

This Just In...

2014-01-01-Ray Murray and NSDakotas
(Ray Murray & The Bomb Squad)

Pink Floyd
(Stone Revival Band)

Pink Floyd
(Stone Revival Band)

Stone Revival Band
(Stone Revival Band)


Stream Set
Ray Murry & The Bomb Squad
Putnam Den

Stream Set One  |  Stream Set Two
Stone Revival Band - Hudson River Music Hall
Set One - Animals (Entire Album)
Set Two - Selected Floyd Favorites

Stream Set
Stone Revival Band - Putnam Den
Opening Set - Allman Brothers

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